Yoga Sessions $10

Yoga is not just a physical practice; it is a way of life. It is the connection to oneself and the breath. It is the love and compassion, the joy and the pure bliss of being present in the now. Through the asana practice of Yoga, we reduce our stress and strengthen our entire physical body and mind. We aim find that balance, which we all need more than ever in our very busy life’s and endless daily to-do lists. Yoga heals, it calms our nervous system, improves our digestion and sleep and lets us find inner peace. We literally find happiness and gratitude through Yoga, while practicing self-love and giving ourselves the deeply needed attention. Our Yoga Style is Hatha Yoga

See the trajectory of our Yoga instructor in Mira in the Andes

Duration:             1 hour
Cost:                    $10 per person
Availability:         Daily, at 7h00 and 18h00