Walking or biking routes $10

The Ecuadorian Andes display a panorama, which is not only an expression of nature, but also the result of man’s work.

On the Andean peaks, the afternoon sun covers vast areas of pristine wilderness, while further down in the valleys, it illuminates fields of corn, barley, wheat and quinoa, tinting them with golden reflections, amber, lilac and amethyst that change with the passing of the fickle clouds. In the Andes, a land of eternal games of light and shadow, nature and human activity, not one day is like the next.

If you like to take a nice walk or discover the direct surroundings of Papagayo by bike, we can help you with a nice route.  The routes differ in their length mainly. On all of them you will get to enjoy the landscape with views on at least one of our famous surrounding mountains. If you like, you could take the bird list of Papagayo with you and see which birds you can discover. Here at the countryside of Ecuador, you will get to see many cows, horses and other farm animals as well as people working their fields and looking after their animals.

Please, always inform the reception before you leave and which route you intend to take.

Duration:             1 or 2 hours
Cost:                   $10 per person
Availability:         Daily