Natural Horsemanship Experience $25

Here in Papagayo we believe in respect, harmony and the connection between horse and human. Therefore, we are specialized in Natural Horsemanship. This session is literally for everyone, especially beginners but also experienced riders will enjoy this deep and unique connection and learning experience.

The activity starts with a quick observation and getting to know the horses. The second step is to put the halter on the horse, and you will learn how to walk the horse properly. Sometimes this is easier said than done. You will learn how to communicate with the horse through your actions, body language, voice and even through your way of thinking. Lots of different, fun exercises will deepen your knowledge and understanding. After grooming and saddling you will get on your horse. Then you will do further exercises in order to learn how to ride a horse naturally and without aggression or harmful actions. The lesson can be concluded with a 20-25-minute ride around the Hostería.

Duration:           30 min – 2 hours
Costos:               From$25
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