Gincana, a treasure hunt $10

Many years ago, the marquesa de Solanda y Villarocha lived here during the independence years. There is a legend that says that before she left the Hacienda, which she once called her home, she hid her most valuable treasures. There are rumours, that this treasure is still laying hidden somewhere on the property today. We got word that hints to the treasure have been found. Will you accept the challenge and try to find the old treasure of the marquesa de Solanda y Villarocha? But know, this challenge is not for the faint hearted. You will have to solve many riddles and complete different tasks! If you are ready, go to the reception and ask for the first hint.

Good luck!

Duration:                       1 -2 hours
Costs:                            10$ adults- 8$ kids
Availability:                    Daily