Corazon Volcano Climbing $ 50

This full day experience is part of the acclimatization tours that will prepare you to climb the highest volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi and the Chimborazo.

The Corazon volcano is located about 20km (12 miles) from PapaGayo in the “Illinizas Ecological Reserve”. The ascent is an easy hiking tour through the Paramo vegetation and perfect for acclimatization, as well as for people who simply want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Cotopaxi and its nearby volcanoes with the valley below. The hiking route is straight forward and requires no rock equipment or experience. Climbing Corazon is perfect for a first approach to altitude.


7:00      Departure from Hosteria Papagayo (transportation to hosteria not included)
08:30   Start ascent after a short briefing
12:00    Lunch
13:00    Arrival at the summit
16:30    Return to PG
17:00    Either stay at PG or return to Quito (transportation to Quito not included).


Duration:             10 hours
Cost:                    $50 per person (4 people minimum)
Availability:         Daily, prior reservation (5 days in advance)