Cooking class $10

If you have always wanted to practice your cooking skills, you have the chance here at PapaGayo! Together with our chef, you will cook or bake an ecuadorian snack. The class will take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. Preparing food has, for generations, been a social activity. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your kids, friends and family members along and all work together in the kitchen under the watchful eyes of our chef. Of course, afterwards you will get to eat your prepared snacks.

The class is done in Spanish. But don’t worry should your Spanish be not that good. Food connects cultures and language barriers will not matter! We have written down the most relevant information about each dish. In this way you will know what you are preparing and can understand the history behind it.

Duration:           1 – 2 hours
Cost:                  10$ adults- 8$ kids
Availability:        Daily – morning or afternoon