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This property is located at a 40 km distance south of Quito in the town Machachi. It is a landhouse more than 150 years old in the spectacular "Avenida de los Volcanes", in the mountain range east of the Andes.

This establishment is located at a few kilometers from the Cotopaxi volcanoe and does not only offer magnificent views, but also gives the opportunity to experiment and share with the local community of the Andres and its culture. If you wish to relax or explore, this is the greatest location to start off. At a height of approximately 3200m (10498ft) you can acclimatize easily and prepare yourself for the climb of different mountains in the surrounding.

Hostería Papagayo Cotopaxi opened its doors in March 2002 and has been a silent witness to innumerable events since it hosted the families of the great liberators of America, Antonio Jose de Sucre and Simón Bolívar.

Approximately 200 years ago it was at this very location where today, the Hostería PapaGayo is located, where the fight began that realized the freedom of millions of people at the American continent. Untill 1829 the Hostería PapaGayo, as we know it today, belonged to the wife of the great marshal of Ayacuchoo, Antonio Jose de Sucre, the Marquesa de Solanda and Villarocha, where even in that same year the family celebrated the Holy Week. In 1933, Don Miguel Angel Benalcázar, the great-grandson of "El Libertador" Simón Bolívar, bought part of these lands and called them "Hacienda Bolivia" in the name of the hero of Independence.

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