Horseback Riding Trips in Ecuador

Ecuador is becoming an emerging holiday destination for horseback riding, with more and more people arriving each year seeking to ride among the stunning Andes mountains. Between sensational views, the characterful hacienda of PapaGayo, and our calm and well-cared-for horses, it is easy to see why. Traveling by horseback is one of the best ways to experience a new country. Traverse the paramo grasslands by horse, witnessing incredible snow-capped peaks and immaculate glistening lakes. In addition, our horseback riding tours are not your average tour. Our instructor places special emphasis on genuinely connecting with your house. At PapaGayo you have the opportunity for an exceptional horseback riding experience among exquisitely breathtaking views!


  • Prominently located among many of Ecuador’s most famous mountains
  • Access to gorgeous trails surrounded by mountains
  • Proper equipment and licensed riding instructor
  • Friendly well-trained horses
  • Lodging and first-class facilities in a colonial hacienda
  • Access to leisure facilities: gym, sauna, hot tub, and yoga classes
  • All-inclusive packages

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Horses and treks the Andes
5 days 4 nights

Our horseback riding tour in Cotopaxi National Park is a great way to spend days exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding Andean volcanoes. We will ride up 3,280 ft (1,000 m) until we arrive to breathtaking other-worldly terrain with a glistening lake and captivating sunsets just behind the Cotopaxi peak. This adventure is the best way to see the landscapes and wildlife of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Day 1: Arrival at PapaGayo & 3-hour ride in Andean routes:Home to the infamous Cotopaxi volcano as well as volcanoes Rumiñahui and Sincholagua, this park is a great place to see majestic volcanoes. Cotopaxi is the tallest active volcano in Ecuador and is frequently cited as being one of the most famous peaks in South America. It is a beautifully symmetrical snow-capped mountain that gracefully rises from the paramo landscape. Throughout the national park, you’ll find wild plants and animals native to the Andean paramo. Among tall grasses and wildflowers, you have the chance to spot llamas, hummingbirds, wild horses, wild rabbits, and deer. Animals such as pumas and the Andean condor tend to be shy and elusive, and it will be a great day if we are able to spot them.

Day 2: Trekking at Rumiñahui volano: With an altitude of 15,489 ft (4,721 m), Rumiñahui is an extinct volcano that contains three summits and has incredible views overlooking the volcanoes Ilinizas, Corazon, Sincholagua, and Cotopaxi. This trek takes you through rolling hills of thick paramo grass, where abundant wildlife resides. The trek up to the Rumiñahui summit ends in a short but thrilling scramble. Spend a moment at the peak taking in the breathtaking sights of the surrounding mountains.

Day 3: Ride in Cotopaxi National Park: We enjoy another long ride in Cotopaxi National Park. Within this massive national park, there are many different routes to choose from, and we will ride among different trails than experienced on Day 1.

Day 4: Trekking at Pasochoa Volcano: We will end our final full day with a relatively easy climb. The trek to the summit of this inactive volcano results in a beautiful view of a well-preserved cloud forest within the crater. This rare humid forest reserve provides shelter to an abundance of unique flora and fauna. Throughout the trek, keep your eyes peeled for foxes and wild horses and perhaps a puma or the even more elusive Andean condor.

Day 5: Departure from PapaGayo: Sadly, our adventure is over. You will have a transfer from PapaGayo to Quito.

Horseback riding in Ecuador

Horses and yoga
6 days 5 nights

PapaGayo offers Horse and Yoga retreats that allow you to rejuvenate your body and mind among the idyllic backdrop of our charming hacienda. The retreat concentrates on reconnecting with yourself, finding inner peace and happiness in the present moment, and practicing gratitude. With the lush green setting of our hacienda, PapaGayo is the perfect place to connect with yourself and nature. The retreat includes horseback riding among the Andes, daily yoga classes, meditation, journaling, nutritious food and fresh juices, and a rich natural paradise.

Horseback riding is a great way to connect with your horse, nature, and yourself. Each session is 3 hours of exploring Cotopaxi National Park by horse. Ride past snow-capped peaks, taking in the colors and crisp smells of the Andes mountains. Cotopaxi National Park is home to multiple mountains with the highlight being Cotopaxi itself. Cotopaxi is the tallest active volcano in Ecuador, and it is considered the country’s most popular volcano. Its popularity stems from its near-perfect beauty, with a quintessential symmetrical peak that is perpetually covered in a blanket of snow and ice.

In addition, our horseback riding sessions are not like your typical horseback riding tour. Our specialized horse and yoga instructor places a distinct emphasis on the emotional connection between rider and horse. Horseback riding with PapaGayo is a unique riding experience on beautiful trails among the mountains. Our horses are lovingly cared for, and between our professional expertise and gentle horses, we are sure that you will have a remarkable equestrian experience.

Finally, the retreat includes daily yoga sessions. PapaGayo is a place of pure nature, and there is no better place to do yoga outdoors than on the peaceful and stunning grounds of the hacienda. By the end of the six days, you will leave with a refreshed body and restored mind. Above all, you will walk away with transformational techniques for life-changing personal development and self-improvement.

Horseback riding in the Andes

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Do you want to know more about horse-guided coaching?

Horses have a natural desire to form a connection with their herd. Horses crave company and also can form this strong connection with humans. Horse-guided coaching leverages this beautiful relationship between human and horse to guide us in personal development and growth.

Society has trained us to the see the world in black and white, classifying everything as good or bad or right or wrong. Horse-guided coaching can help us break down this construct of thinking as horses have a special capability to reflect truth in the present moment. A horse’s ability to reflect their surrounding environment helps students generate more self-awareness and build new insight into their character and natural habits. Horse-guided coaching can be powerful, helping us uncover repressed memories and inward pain.

Unable to force a 1,200-pound animal to do anything, students quickly learn positive and negative communication cues. When people are confused, afraid, excited, or frustrated, they tend to respond in the same manner across these emotions, using the same coping mechanisms in nearly all circumstances. Therefore, horse-guide coaching is more than riding a horse; it helps students recognize their manner of communication that they might use with friends, family, and coworkers. Horse-guided coaching can help students discover what aspects about them prohibits them from forming deep and sincere relationships with family, friends, and even themselves. Our hope is that you conclude the day with greater awareness of your personal identity and a greater sense of mindfulness.

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