Marquesa de Solanda

History of Hostería Papagayo

Our enchanting hacienda is full of character and life. Dressed with a rich history, PapaGayo continues to carry the same charm as when its fascinating story began. When people visit our hacienda, they often inquire about the history of Hostería PapaGayo, and our staff are always happy to recount the story. Given the quantity of

Quito Hotels

Quito: An Andean Jewel

Quito, capital of Ecuador, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, this city was founded in 1534 by the Spaniard Sebastián de Benalcazar. There are several theories regarding the origin of its name, the most accepted relates that it comes from the languages tsa’fiki and cha’fiki:

Acclimatization Programs for Hiking Cotopaxi

Our Favorite Acclimatization Programs for Hiking Cotopaxi Ecuador is generously composed of volcanic terrain in a concentrated space, making it a climber’s dream. Frequently remodeled by fire and ice, this small but dramatic country is sure to give you an adventure of a lifetime. At Hostería PapaGayo, we are located in the middle of an

Climbing in Ecuador tours

Start Planning Your Summer Trip To Ecuador The new year has begun and people everywhere are beginning to plan their summer vacations. Why is Ecuador the perfect place for your summer trip? Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with the family, Ecuador offers something for everyone. Hostería PapaGayo is your hub during

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