At Hosterías PapaGayo Cotopaxi and PapaGayo Cayambe you can enjoy a horseback ride through the countryside, with thousands of picturesque paths never seen before. Taking a horseback ride is ideal to observe the spectacular mountains of the Andes and learn from their culture.
Enjoy the peace and tranquility that this walk will give you. Go back in time and familiarize with the former life surrounded by the Andes exactly as it was when the first settlers arrived.
Hostería PapaGayo Cotopaxi and Cayambe offers horseback riding tours for hours, one or more days, for beginners or professionals.


One of the most recommended activities to do is mountain biking near the Hostería Papagayo Cotopaxi and PapaGayo Cayambe, during this activity you will be able to experience the most diverse adventures while enjoying the best landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andean area, at the same time you will have the opportunity to meet some nearby communities and learn more about their culture.


ECOROSES is a rose plantation dedicated to the production of high quality roses within an area of 65 acres. Among the most outstanding differences are their color, smell and shape which make them very well known in the market. Here you can see how they organize and design the flowers in precious shapes and spectacular branches that vary from country to country.

This plantation is very close to the Hostería Papagayo Cotopaxi and you can make daily visits.


Hostería Papagayo Cotopaxi has an orchard where different products typical of the area are planted and harvested and used to prepare the food that guests consume in each of their daily meals.