Horse Guided Coaching

When was the last time you were fully connected to yourself and felt true inner peace?

“There is something about the outside of the horse that is good for the inside of the man”, said Winston Churchill once and he was right. There is so much more to learn from horses than using them for transportation, companionship or sports. Horses are very wise teachers and helpers in personal development and growth.

But how does it work and why horses?
The gentle inherent nature, curiosity, and desire to work within a herd or community makes a horse seek connection, also with people. While most adults have been socially trained to judge and think in terms of “right and wrong”, horses simply reflect the truth of the present moment.
This makes them consistently mirror back to a person the diversity of the ripple effect their inner conversation is having on them.

A horse is incredible for giving clear, rapid and direct biofeedback. This feedback allows the client to deepen their awareness of themselves and become a new insight into their own character and natural habits.
With a 500kg, extremely sensitive, four-legged animal that is impossible to be coaxed or forced, both positive and negative communication patterns become clear very quickly.

Our way to do anything is the way we tend to do everything. This is very important because everyone usually think they will discover a unique or surprising side of themselves while interacting with the horse. However, when people are confused, scared, frustrated or excited, their behavior is typically very similar to their normal reactions and life coping tools they use in daily life.
To sum it up, a session of horse guided coaching helps the client to find out the main factors preventing forming deep and true connections to their family, friends and partner as well as their own inner self.

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